Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

A Good Word for Chic-fil-A

When my younger brother was 15, he went to work for a Chic-fil-A franchise. He worked there 3 years and learned plenty about running a small business, managing his peers and putting his best foot forward. They gave him a scholarship to college not because he was an academic wizard or a champion athlete. They saw potential in him and saw it as an investment in their community. The Cathys and their corporation have given millions in scholarships to average and special students without fanfare. Chic-fil-A is a company based in sound business practices and solid Christian values. Their franchises are exceptionally clean, efficient and very friendly. I have eaten with them often and they have never disappointed me in product and excellence in service. They hire teens and adults from their community and teach them etiquette, small business skills and team work. They give generously to their communities and their owners and management are leaders in local PTAs, churches, service organizations & recreation leagues.

In every church I have served the Chic-fil-A employees have been model disciples and servant leaders. They respond positively when we request their assistance. I respect their policy of closing on Sundays. They do this so their employees can go to worship and/or spend time with family. Many economists have said this would have to change with the times or they would suffer. Their bottom line remains strong, before and during the recession, without changing their values and policies.

The founding family of this business, the Cathys, are life-long followers of Jesus Christ. They are known for practicing their faith in servant living. The reporter who interviewed Dan Cathy knew the answer to his question about marriage rights before he ever sat down with him. I think this reporter set him up to gain the public reaction he desired for his news article about the restaurant. This was poor journalism and was not the purpose of the interview.

This morning my men's Bible & breakfast group feasted on delicious chicken biscuits from Chic-fil-A. We did so because they are really good to eat and also because we are so glad that this franchise serves and employs people in our community. Our choice is for their product, who they are as a quality business and a place of consistent values and integrity. My guess is Mr. Cathy and his partners in the local franchises will experience much support from many people who appreciate the same.