Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

The Tragedy in Aurora reminds me we all need a storehouse...

One of our church members was on his way to San Antonio when he got a call that his client's son was one of the victims of the shooting in the Aurora theater. He felt the Lord leading him to go directly to this family's home and minister to them. He called our associate pastor on the way over and asked her what he should say and do. She talked him through this and he proceeded to their home. The timing was difficult for him. He had lost a child himself several years ago and this tragedy brought back memories of this great loss. The Lord gave him peace and the right words when he sat down with his clients who are also good friends. He was amazed with how the Lord used him in his brokenness to speak words of hope and peace to a family torn asunder. It is truly amazing how the Lord prepares us and then uses us in times like these.

Someone reminded me today that we all need to invest in a storehouse of faith. Disasters, tragedy and great disappointment come to all of us. Are we prepared? How do you deal with the loss of a child when you lack a real and vital faith in a loving God? Where do you draw strength when life throws you a curve or you lose a job, a home to a natural disaster or a loved one in a terrible tragedy?

God's word speaks of a storehouse of blessings for those who place their trust in the Lord. (Deuteronomy 28: 12) One of my favorite contemporary songs lifts up the storehouse of faith that we are to build. A storehouse that will feed us, give us shelter and be a source of hope when trouble rains down. Are you investing in this storehouse? Where will you turn when troubles come and life seems hallow? I pray you have a storehouse full of future hope.