Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

ACCOUNTABILITY...it's a good thing!

I believe Jesus formed the early apostles into a band for mutual accountability. Peter held Paul in check and Paul mentored Timothy, etc...We all need accountability. Without it, we can run amuck and live a life without checks and balances. In my church, I have given permission and empowered key laity and fellow senior staff to speak honestly and boldly with me. I need their input and feedback. I need for them to pray for me and point out my growing edges. I praise God that they love me and care for me enough to do this! My wife is an accountability partner too. She is one of the few people who will tell me when my ego is out of balance or my favorite sermon really bombed. Everybody needs accountability: the president, pro athletes, teachers and even bishops. Being at the top of a large organization can easily be a head trip. An unaccountable life can be dangerous and prone to temptation and evil. Pray for those who lead you and insist they have clear accountability. I once mentored a young pastor that avoided this. He started with such promise and fell quickly. Last night I ran into an old detractor. When I was her pastor she was often critical and talked behind my back. When she saw me, she turned and went the other way. It's a shame she cannot move on. She clearly needs an accountability partner, a fellow believer who will speak truth to her and hold her in account for her actions.

Are you trying to walk the Christian way without accountability partners? Ask someone to mentor you and speak truth into your life. The evil one will take advantage of your lone ranger mentality and your witness will suffer. If you are a leader, welcome and embrace accountability. It's good for the soul!