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We live in a challenging time when the church needs innovative thinkers who can navigate the changes and challenges of our day. Richard Hunter is an excellent example of a strategic thinker and leader equipped for such a time as this. I highly recommend him as a coach and consultant to churches and denominational leaders.
— Rev. Dr. Winfield Bevins | Director of Church Planting | Asbury Theological Seminary

For the last few years I have had multiple opportunities to collaborate with Richard Hunter.  He and I have worked on one of the most fruitful merger/re-launch projects I have ever seen.  Without his speaking tough truth to the three churches involved, it could not have happened.  I commend Richard to you as a coach, a consultant, or simply a mentor.  He has effectively led churches of all sizes and now is leading a ministry of planting in North Alabama that promises great days ahead for Methodism in the mid-South.
— Paul Nixon | President of The Epicenter Group

I have known Dr. Richard A. Hunter, Executive Director of New Church Development for twenty years. Richard is an effective pastor/coach/consultant in The United Methodist Church today. This is evident by the fruit of his labor in both church planting and consulting in the North Georgia and North Alabama Conferences. His love and passion for the church is contagious!
— Bishop Sharma D. Lewis | Resident Bishop of Virginia Annual Conference

I recommend Richard Hunter to those who are seeking to discern their place in God’s mission.  I have found him, from our first conversation, to be deeply interested in creative means of evangelism. He loves the church, and people beyond the church.  Those of us in the Fresh Expressions movement have found a valuable partner in Richard Hunter.
— Dr. Travis Collins | Sr. Pastor of First Baptist Church, Huntsville

Dr. Richard Hunter is a visionary leader with a proven track record in church planting and developing new faith communities. He is passionate for God and people with a unique ability make disciples who make disciples.
— Wes Griffin | CEO of International Leadership Institute

Richard has been a leader in New Church Development for many years as he helped birth two daughter congregations while he served as senior pastor of the Hillside UMC. We later worked together as he chaired the Congregational Development team in North Georgia during a time when shifting methods of starting new things was required. Richard is committed to finding creative ways to reach new people and can help you do the same!
— Dr. Phil Schroeder | Director of Congregational Development North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

I have known Richard Hunter for over 30 years and have observed his growth as a person, a disciple of Jesus Christ, a pastor, a leader, and mentor. He has  demonstrated a deep commitment to Christ and a pastoral heart in every stage of his life and ministry. As his District Superintendent in two appointments and a member of the bishop’s cabinet for 20 years of his service I saw his innovative leadership in evangelism and congregational development in multiple appointments. I commend him as a disciplined leader and person of high integrity.
— Dr. Jamie Jenkins | Retired Pastor | Former District Superintendent and Assistant to the Bishop North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

Richard is one of those leaders that is devoted to leveraging all of his own competency to empower the next generation of leaders to do greater things.  Richard’s resume of Church leadership is more than impressive and the fact he now takes all of his experience and strengths to leverage toward empowering the next generation of leaders is astonishing.  Richard’s forward thinking and ability to envision ways the church can continue to make a greater impact is the exact kind of leadership we need coaching those who are stepping in to these new spaces of ministry.
— Chad Pullins | Lead Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Fayetteville, N.C. 9

Richard Hunter has a magnetic passion to reach new people with the gospel and has expressed over and over the ability to help churches and leaders reach their God-given potential. Richard is a courageous leader as he has the vision to help leaders to see what can be. At the same time, he is a wise and experienced church strategist who can coach you to get there. Richard brings years of personal experience in the North Georgia Conference leading thriving churches with growing ministries, starting new churches, and strategically helping leaders to become better. As Director of New Church Development in the North Alabama Conference, Richard has already led an exciting movement of starting countless new churches and ministries that are successfully reaching people with the gospel. If you are a church planter or have passion for reaching new people, it is hard to find a better advocate, coach, and church strategist than Richard Hunter.
— Andy Lett | Lead Pastor of The Fountain United Methodist Church in Suwanee, GA

I highly recommend Dr. Richard Hunter as a consultant and coach for New Church Development.  Richard has done the hard work in the local church to reach new people for Christ through fresh expressions of worship and discipleship.  Now he is leading North Alabama in a season of new church growth and expansion.  He is one of the leaders in our church who can make a difference in your situation.
— Bishop Lindsey Davis (retired) | Lexington, Kentucky