Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Windmills and the Wind of the Spirit

I am now in Holland with Rev Wes Griffin, the president of the International Leadership Institute. We came here to build bridges between campus ministry groups, parachurch leaders and the Jesus.net movement; and introduce them to the Christian to the Core curriculum. One of the local pastors took us yesterday to visit the windmills in the Kinderdyke region east of Rotterdam. These windmills are amazing. For over 300 years, the Dutch have used windmills and wind powered pumps to harness energy and push back the sea thus increasing their territory and safety. These Christian leaders are now moving together in the power of the Holy Spirit's refreshing and powerful wind to reach out and engage a new generation with the power and promise of the Good News of following Jesus Christ. It is encouraging to hear their stories of how they are using modern media and social networking to gain the attention and interest of young people across this region. People are hungry for truth and to understand God. They do not see the church as offering much in the way of relevant answers. Yet they are drawn to these networks that offer a multi-media approach to offering them hope, tools to explore their faith and answers that speak to their struggles. They respond to teaching that is question driven where the seeker is offered space to learn for themselves and from believers and mentors that meet them where they are in their journey.

Tomorrow we fly to Kenya to teach in an ILI Summit. We expect over 100 pastors from East Africa. These pastors serve in churches of all sizes and deal daily with the overwhelming pressures of poverty, persecution, hunger and disease. Pray for us as we seek to equip them, encourage them and their churches and learn from these brothers and sisters on the cutting edge of the church's rapid growth in Africa. May the warm and powerful winds of the Holy Spirit blow upon all of us across these three continents.

Come Holy Spirit, our hearts inspire!! Amen.