Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Pie In the Face

I agreed to let one of our children at church throw a creme pie in my face at the Fall Festival. The terms were like this. Every child that brought a can good for the Food Pantry got a ticket. All the tickets were placed in a jar and a winner was picked. The kids really got into this contest. For weeks they have promised me they would be the one to toss the pie at their pastor. It's amazing how such a silly, simple act can bond you with kids you barely know. Now they all know their pastor. Hopefully they know I am a good sport who is into fun, feeding the poor and doing whatever to support our children's ministries. The girl who won the contest taught me a lesson. She told her daddy she did not want to hurt me with the pie and refused to toss it. So her brother had to step up and take the honor which he eagerly did. She was so sweet. She won my heart and showed true Christian compassion. She is a living tribute to her parents and teachers, a heart of gold. What would you take a pie in the face for? If given the chance to pie someone, would you show compassion? Tonight was an interesting night!