Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Gifts from our Cat

Our cat loves to shower us with gifts. She has brought in over a dozen chipmunks - alive so had to chase them down. Her gifts have also included birds, lizards, mice, frogs, & butterflies. Thankfully she has not brought us a snake! I believe she does this to show us her gratitude so I choose to feel honored by her gifts. This got me thinking about our relationship to God. What gifts do we bring our Creator and why? God desires the gift of our praise and worship, our talents and loyalty. What have you brought the Lord recently and what does it say about your heart and your priorities? My cat has taught me that all gifts should be given out of gratitude, it's the same with God. How best to honor our Savior and Redeemer than to lift up God's name in holy praise? How better to honor our Advocate and Comforter than to make a sacrificial gift for Kingdom work through our church.

Scripture says that a good father gives his children good gifts. Only an evil parent would give them a snake or a rock. My feline friend loves to give me and my wife these precious gifts. How do you feel and what is on your heart when you present your gift to our heavenly father? I hope your joy is complete and you are content in the knowledge you have given your best. As my cat now rests on my lap following today's gifts of a frog and a shrew, she has a peaceful grin and a look of total satisfaction. I pray the same state for each of us!