Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

The Power of Vision

Blake Mycoskie is the extremely successful founder of Tom's Shoes. He visited Argentina as a tourist and saw that many of the children had no shoes to wear. He knew that many serious diseases and bacteria were spread by going barefoot. So, he committed his company to give a pair of shoes to a barefoot child or adult for every pair of shoes they sold. Some of his investors thought this would ruin his company profits. The result has been the opposite. Now they have put shoes on over a million people worldwide and their profits have gone through the roof. This is the power of vision! I led a church here in Georgia where the people had a vision to make disciples of Jesus Christ by giving themselves away. They would invite people to leave their church and start new faith communities in surrounding neighborhoods. This church started two successful daughter churches that are now impacting their communities and the 3 churches work in tandem to reach people for Christ. Yes, the power of vision!

God has planted in each of us a vision for service in His Kingdom. Search the scriptures, pray without ceasing and follow the vision that God has given you. God wants to impact countless people and bless them through your life. You were born for an awesome purpose. Get to it!