Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

When Your Kids Become Adults

When kids become adults, that's cool too! Several years ago I started dreading this transition. I loved being the dad of two children I could play with, teach and mentor. I loved watching them grow and reliving my childhood vicariously through them. Now that they are adults, it's even better in some ways. We still play. I still get to teach, mentor and even hassle them. I love seeing them grow and mature. And now I relive my college and young adult days through their experiences. Fortunately, they learned from their dad's experiences and advice and they make better decisions than I ever did. They have avoided speeding tickets, blowing exams from lack of preparation and neither of them have taken a road trip to the beach with 4 friends and a trunk full of cheap beer. They are wiser and more mature than I was at their age. When they were young, Meri and I decided to invest ourselves in our kids' lives.  I could have a larger retirement fund if I had invested in securities.  I could be a decent golfer if I had invested time and money on the course. I could own a bass boat and be much better at finding large fish if I had invested in time on the lake.

Instead, with out limited incomes and available time, we invested in our kids and I am so glad. Both of them know Jesus as their Lord. Both are committed followers and serve others. Both are conscientious students and have confidence. And most of all, both of them know that their parents love them very much.  I was not the perfect parent and my kids can tell you all about it. I simply tried to love them unconditionally, teach them what I knew, pray for them every day and lead them to follow and trust in Jesus Christ.

Meri and I have had a great time being parents. On September 18, I walk my daughter down the aisle. I am now at peace with this. I love her and my future son-in-law. He is a good man and he cherishes my little girl. Now, the 5 of us are looking forward to playing together at the lake, in the mountains, at Disney World, etc. The fun continues!!