Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

A Sword in the Sky

I usually do not see signs in the heavens. Yet on the first Sunday of 2010 the Lord blew me away. I was driving into my church at about 7:45 a.m. I saw the sun rising among a beautiful sky of pink and white clouds. It was a cold, clear morning. The sunrise looked like a beam of light from the ground to the sky. At first, I thought the image was of an upside down cross. Then I noticed it was more like a sword in the hand of a warrior. As I drove up the road, it first seemed to beam behind the Presbyterian Church, then the Baptists and as I pulled into my church, the sword beamed from behind the United Methodist sanctuary. In scripture, the sword symbolizes the word of God that cuts like a knife, that separates darkness from light, that reveals truth and punishes the evildoers. Why would the Lord show me this sword? (Others also saw this unusual portent in the sky the same morning and considered it a sign for their sabbath.) I believe the Lord was pointing me to truth and accountability in the new year. Spiritual leaders have to speak the truth, hold people accountable and witness to God's work of favor and wrath among us. To ignore God's truth and not seek God's will, leaves one exposed to the wrath of the spiritually ignorant. John Wesley feared this most of all in his soul; that he would be ignorant or neglectful of GOd's will for his life.

I thank God for signs and wonders. I am amazed with how he communicates with his children. I shake and am humbled when they land in my path.  I pray we stay spiritually alert in this new year. The sword has been drawn, truth and deliverance is available and  among us...