Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

A Millenial's Quest for Faith and Answers

Recently I read a book about a young man going through a crisis in his relationships, his life purpose and his faith. His story is told in a novel by Trevin Wax entitled, Clear Winter Nights. I read the book after being asked to write a review of it. This turned out to be a generous gift of understanding. The book takes us along on a journey with Chris Walker, a millenial raised in the Christian faith yet now questioning everything in his life as a young adult out of college and trying to find his path. His fiancé challenges him to go see and talk with his grandfather, a retired pastor who Trevor loves dearly and respects. His visit is a timely one where Trevor debates, argues and listens to the mature faith and wisdom of his grandad.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is when Trevor asks how a Christian is to respond to someone who is a follower of Jesus yet living a life and making choices contrary to Biblical teaching. His grandad tells him:

"God makes us in the image of Christ.So, yes, we will grow and become better than we were. But if you think the whole moral point of Christianity is about moral reformation, you'll find out quickly how powerless you are to make that reformation happen." (Page 31)

He goes on to explain how God's Spirit works in us in what is called the process of sanctification, that is, being made holy not by our strengths, but by the grace and leading of God. I recommend this book to Millenials, people who serve among them and just want to understand this generation better. They are a thoughtful generation that is attracted to relationships and authenticity, and not to closed systems or easy answers.