Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Snow Sledding in Georgia

It felt like I had returned to my childhood when I rode the snow sled this past week. It has been many winters since we had enough snow to enjoy the sled like we did last week. We bought that sled about 12 years ago and our kids never got to use it. We have enjoyed it twice since they went to college. I love the thrill of the cold wind soaring by my head as you sail down a hill. A year ago we were sledding down the Alps with our daughter and her husband who were living in Germany. Racing downhill on a sled can restore a man's sense of youth. I loved it and was faster than anyone in our family!! Of course that was due to my daredevil style and mostly my weight!

I took some of our neighborhood kids sledding on a hill behind our subdivision. I think they really liked seeing the pastor careening down the hill and rounding the curves like a mad man. They wore me out and I came home exhausted. It was a good tired with many good memories.

Well the snow is gone hopefully for another season. But I do hope it returns next winter so I get pull that old sled out again. Thank you Lord for sun and rain, snow and ice and most of all, the dedicated public servants that took such good care of our city and state last week. We were blessed by their service!