Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Where's Your Tap Root?

We had a beautiful old plum tree in the back yard. It produced bumper crops and seemed larger than the average plum tree we knew of. Then we started having septic line problems. The repairmen said the plum tree had go, it's roots were growing into the tank! The tree was far away away from the tank in an area where even grass seldom grew for lack of water. So the wise tree sent its tap root some 25 feet to a constant water supply! Where have you planted your tap root? Psalm 1 tells us the blessed person plants their roots along the stream and they thrive there. That is, the streams of living water, found in God's Word. I visit that stream every morning to start my day and take a deep, long swig of refreshment. The Holy Spirit feeds my soul and expands my mind to know God's will and direction for that day. I take my burdens and concerns to that stream to let the Spirit carry me and float away my worries.

Some folks limit their tap root's reach. I find it grows deep and produces remarkable fruit when people plant it in prayer, study, worship and service. Feeling faint? Undernourished? Cut off? Send your tap root into the good places our Lord has provided. Time to take a good swig of God's goodness and grace for you!