Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

WHEN GOD SAYS NO...It can be Good News!

Recently our church sought a capital improvements loan for much-needed repairs and upgrades in our facility. During the recent recession many of these needs were postponed and now we face a mountain of repairs and changes that need to be made ASAP! The leadership voted to approach our lender for a loan on top of our mortgage. Over the next 6 weeks we prayed for approval and circled this need in our hearts and pleas to God above. Then God answered with a resounding NO! The word I heard from the Lord was that we needed to step up and raise the money now. All I could see was roadblocks, challenges and people maxed out in giving. The Lord sees and identified a different picture. He is leading people to step up and one family has already said they would donate the first $20k. I did not see that coming with my limited human vision. God knew it was there and led their hearts to respond!

In this case God's NO is Good News for his church. This will cause us to seek his favor and step up to sacrificially give and ask for what the church really needs in the present. Here on the hill there is much progress, hundreds coming to know Jesus Christ and lives are being changed. God is honoring this ministry and will lead us through this maze of capital improvements.

This time, NO is a good response and one that I am thankful for in this ministry.