Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

The Easter Garden

I find it interesting that John tells us the tomb of Jesus was in a garden. Jesus appears first to Mary as a gardener. I think all of this is to tell us his resurrection restores us to the garden relationship with our heavenly Father like Adam and Eve knew at Eden. He returns as a gardener to begin this work of restoration and healing in the garden of life on earth. Jesus calls us to be gardeners with him in the work of the kingdom of God. We are to break up the soils of hatred, bitterness, fear and doubt. We are to plant the kingdom seeds of mercy, love and hope everywhere He sends us. We are to harvest the souls, redeemed lives and restored hearts into His body, the church. We are to protect His garden, expand it to all people and share the fruits of His kingdom with all people.

This spring as new life returns to the gardens all around us, let this serve to remind us of God's love for us on the cross and through the empty garden tomb. Let spring awaken us to sow seeds of kindness, mercy, generosity and love. Let us work the garden and bring together God's people in His one body to live out the fruits of the Spirit.

We may come to the garden alone. Yet he meets us there and gives us companions for the journey of life. It is beautiful in His garden!