Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Back on the Blogosphere!

Yes, I know. I have been away from my blog for about four months. I have several good excuses but now its time to write and share my limited wisdom and rambles with the world once again. Here are a list of random gleanings I have recorded in my journal recently. There is a thread of unity I will share in the conclusion.

A chronic fault finder rarely sees the log in their own eye. The mote is a problem only for the person looking for it. The holy person is not a mote finder. The mote finder exalts herself or himself thus yielding to temptation to look for faults constantly in others. Jesus said not to judge lest you be judged.

Our neighbor is not limited to just our own kind. Jesus taught us that our neighbor can be someone far away or right next door. People basically fit into three basic groups:

*those who beat you up

*those who judge you up

*those who pick you up

Which are you?

Jesus called us to practice acts of kindness. The more excellent way is a life of unconditional love. Most people want to give as least as possible and get back as much as possible. I am so glad I know a good share of the latter.

I think the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me because my church is now defining and envisioning who we will be in the future. Our modern culture is seeking authenticity. There is so much fake living and image building all around us. We crave honesty and openness, servant hearts and humility.

I think this starts with leaders, which points back at me and my way of living and leading. I am thankful to have mentors and grace-filled folks to discover the future with. Most of all, Christ gives us his Spirit to guide us and the company of saints to learn from.

Life is good!