Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

I Loved the Zip Line!

Last Saturday I went to a zip line at Banning Mills, Georgia. It is a beautiful mountainous site with a rapid river below the course. I went with my 21-year-old son, Austin, who is in superb physical shape and loves adventure. I was apprehensive a bit yet eager to have the experience with him. The staff took us through all the safety steps and orientation. Then we took off. The first stop was crossing a monkey bridge, ascending a platform and hurling 80 feet by zip line to the first platform. I took a deep breath and launched out. It was exhilarating and I landed on the other side with the assistance of the staff. After that I zipped through numerous other lines concluding phase 1 with a zip line that dropped rapidly and took us back to the starting point. I landed this time with no assistance and no damage to my body. Our first adventure was rated a  level 2 course. I had also purchased the next level because I knew my son would want more challenge, and I wanted more time swinging in the trees with him while taking in the beauty around the mills.  The first zip was about 300 feet long and my son and I raced each other on parallel lines. He won by a nose (or more...) and for me, this was a taste of heaven: cool breezes, a beautiful river below, competing with my son and feeling free as a bird.

When I made the reservation, I did not realize that this next level included a series of cable bridges connecting five tree houses above the canopy of nature. So, at my young age of 53, I launched out with a group of young adults to navigate the cables like a trapeze artist. Yes, you guessed it, the young adults joined in with my son to shake the cables and add to my stress as I gingerly walked across the precipes and zipped the lines back and forth.

Well, I survived this test and celebrated arrival at the summit.  The grand finale was a zip line through the pines that carried us back to the parking area. I had done it and thrived! Another notch off the bucket list. I would even do it again; such a great confidence builder and heart tester! Now we are discussing jumping out of an airplane. Note my words: we are "discussing" this next adventure. Yes, it will be easier said than done!