Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Change is Normal!

The human body is constantly in change. Our weight fluctuates, brain cells emerge and die and our hair never lies on our head the same way! Organizations change and evolve. Tastes change. I can remember when I did not like squash - now I love it - boiled, fried and even casseroled! Without change, the body, relationships and organizations alike will slowly become bland and die. It is old news that people resist change and this is true for all ages. We do not like folks to change the times of meetings, shift the furniture or alter the color of paint in our hallways. We opt for continuity yet evidence shows we thrive on change. The world only knew rule by monarchy until the American Revolution - then change led to democracy and freedoms we now cherish. My wife and I recently changed communities and homes. The changes were stressful and emotional - yet we love the change and are thriving in them. A friend's church recently changed their long practiced Christmas Drama - the change led to new energy, more volunteers and large crowds. They are celebrating this key change.

We have made many changes at the church that I lead. Probably more change than most churches make in their first year, what we call the "honeymoon" period between pastor and people. A leader told me Sunday our people are now anticipating and look forward to the changes because we can see the value and the results in changed lives, better communications and more positive outlooks. I am convinced that we would all be better off in our health, our churches, our relationships, our nation and our community when we look forward to change and see it as normal, good and a part of life.

I'm just thankful I have not had to change a diaper in about 19 years. God is good!