Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

My Wierdly Wise Cat

She is at it again. Kitty is playing with my mind. She has been my cat since the second week we adopted her. She has always preferred to curl up in my lap, have her tummy rubbed, follow me through the house and fuss at me when she was hungry. Then I went to annual conference and have been preoccupied lately. Last night at sleepy time, she curled up next to Meri and not me. Then this morning she did not follow me downstairs for our coffee and GMA! She stayed with Meri, fussed at her to get up and then dashed under the bed when Meri tried to cast her out of the bedroom. Danged ole cat! Now she is flurting with me. She comes in as I work on my sermon. Gets in my lap, insists I pet her, purrs softly and then dashes off to find Meri. Reminds me of how our kids would play us and work us. Also reminds me that being preoccupied gets in the way of all our relationships. It can even get in the way of our walk with the Lord. My daily study and prayer lately has been shorter and shallower. It's time to learn from the cat and slow down, drink in the blessings of the day and think on the great mysteries of life. Yes, like the glory of a gardenia blossom with its beauty and heavenly scent. Like the love of my wife and kids. Like the promises of God found in knowing Jesus Christ.

Thanks Kitty! It's a great life. Now, cool your jets and come rest awhile with your old man.