Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Does Your Anchor Hold?

I got up early that day to go fishing for crappie. I loaded the boat with the electric motor, a fully charged battery, bait, tackle and three rods. I had water, snacks and even a hat if the sun got too bright. I went across the lake to a slough where I knew the fish would be hanging out. I began to catch them immediately and then the wind picked up. I began to drift with the wind and then it began to gust. I tried to return to the boathouse but the electric motor could not cut against the strong wind. I began to drift further back into the slough and soon I was up in the shallows and nearing the tree branches. You see, I had forgotten the anchor and now I was drifting to and fro. I decided to tie onto a tree and then wade to shore. The water was about 3-4 feet deep. I stepped out of the boat and I sank another two feet into mud! So, I trudged to shore with mud up to my thighs. I got to land and walked up to a farmhouse. Thank God they agreed to call my grandmother to come get me. When I got home, I decided I would always make sure I had an anchor.

Having an anchor is ESSENTIAL in life. The storms will come, the wind will blow and trouble will beat down upon us all. Life requires an anchor that will hold. Faith is that anchor - believing and trusting in Jesus Christ to save us, to lead us and guide us every day. Ray Boltz sings about this in his song, "The Anchor Holds."  A friend of mine requested this at his dad's funeral. You see, his dad had been his anchor and now he needed an eternal anchor, one that death could not steal from him. He began to seriously follow and trust in Jesus and the Lord became his anchor. It was beautiful to watch him mature and grow.

You got an anchor in the faith? I hope you do because the storms of life blow against all of us. Jesus Christ, the divine anchor, will hold you and sustain you.