Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor

Deliver Us From EVIL

They taunted the 17-year-old everyday at school for five months simply because she rebuffed the flirtations of a popular sports hero at the school. There were 20 of them and only one of her. She told her parents who consoled her and contacted the school. The school followed procedures. The taunting and suffering continued. Last week she chose suicide rather than what she saw as never-ending suffering.  One of my colleagues who is also an ordained elder and a well-experienced counselor says this is not a coward's way out. It is usually always someone who is convinced they are stuck in hopelessness or have become mentally sick. Jesus knew this type of sickness and so he repelled evil spirits, loved the weird-acting folks and put his arms around the broken and troubled.

In Christian worship, we pray "Lord, deliver us from evil..." And we believe God can and does. So, for three Sundays, the pastors at Snellville UMC will preach & teach on this topic. We will share scriptures, tools and experiences. We will try our best, by God's grace, to answer the why, the how and the where questions that are raised in the face of evil. I am a Jesus follower that believes God's grace can transform any and every person, situation and circumstance. I look forward to sharing this hope with all who will listen and learn with us.

If you ever get to the end of your rope, please....before you hurt yourself, contact a pastor, a counselor or friend, the police, someone who can love and protect you. I know they are always out there for everyone and every day. God, give us all the eyes and ears to know when a troubled soul needs our hand.