Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor


Most folks think the practice of regifting began in the last decade or so. Not true! Meri and I started practicing this right after we got married. I was the associate pastor of a large church and we probably received over 450 gifts from friends and family. I think we got 8 tea pots, 6 relish dishes, a dozen pot holders, 5 mixers and countless towels and wash clothes. We were a poor, starting-out couple so what did we do? We practiced regifting from our wedding surplus. The first Christmas we gave great gifts to our family and close friends from the wedding surplus department in our basement being extra careful to give no one their own gift or one from someone they knew!

People thought we were so generous. And I guess we were since we could have returned the loot and gotten the cash or a credit. Regifting was fun! I recommend we up this practice to include things we no longer use or need. Why buy new when used is just as good? Sounds like good ecology and green thinking to me.

Each year God practices regifting. He extends age-old grace and well conditioned love to all who turn and trust in Him. I'm so thankful he can take my tired old gifts and talents and reuse them time after time to bless me and others. I see it all the time - God recycles and reconditions every day folks and turns them into beautiful new creations. It is miraculous and wonderful. Let him regift you today!