Dr. Richard A Hunter, Coach & Consultant


Through the Eyes of a Church Planter & Lead Pastor


Sometimes I feel so inadequate. Like the time I decided to hang a new door on our back porch. I had to enlarge the opening and rehang the door. I did my absolute best and thought I had succeeded. When I tried to close the new door & it did not fit on any side! Meri called a pro and they charged us $600 to make it right! They said, "Next time your husband starts to fix something, call us first and it will cost you less. I don't try to preach and he should definetly not do home repairs!" I often feel inadequate as a husband. My wife deserves someone who is not preoccupied with work. Yet this is a pastor's disease I have to fight every day. I can feel inadequate as a dad. My kids are now young adults and their questions and challenges are huge and life shaping. I wish I had more answers.

I often feel inadequate as a pastor. People have such deep problems and doubt. The church is complex and ever-changing. Folks are hard to please. And the church's mission is so essential to the community. Then I hear those wonderful words of Jesus, "My grace is sufficient." And I hear the Psalmist saying that God works best with broken and contrite heart. That's me.

And this is Good News. In our weakness is God's strength. In our utter reliance on Him, we discover his power and unconditional love. He works best with a humble heart and a mind eager for transformation. Now I can look forward to another week. But I still won't try to repair our rotten dormer - I know my limits!